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-Posting Fees-

All Ads are listed 45-days

include Photos & Video uploads. Consider Buying Featured or Extended  Ad for more traffic


Paid categories Jobs, Service, For Sale, Garage Sale, Crowd Funding are $10.00 for 45-days

All Personal Ads are listed 45-days +  $5.00 per ad

FREE Categories Community ,  Gigs,  Housing,  Your Page   , Review- Websites, Bussiness or People 

DONOT place Jobs, Service, For-Sale, Garage Sale or Crowd Funding  or Personal Ads in the free catagories  All incorrect ads placed here will be removed

*Featured Ads will rotate on home page & stay permenant on the top of  posted city page & cities home page until expired. Purchase at checkout
placed top-most in each category and are shown highlighted.  online help

*Extended Ads choose duration  at checkout.

356-days Best Advertising only $85.00 for 1-full year extended Ad




Why We Charge a Posting Fee

Why do we charge a fee, because the Staff that work for our site has to be paid,. Since the economy is not good for a lot of individuals we have created a Sales oppurtunity for them to generate income they are devoting time & effort and have to be paid. Also we do have free categories for those that do no charge any fees for their service. However if we can get enough people to work 2-3hrs a day free for us then the site can be entirley FREE, if you would like to donate your time free please contact: employment@456list.com 

456List Staff

E-Commerce and Our Secure Server

All commerce transactions that take place on this site are processed through our secure server in order to make every reasonable effort to insure that your personal information is protected.


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